Nalle Påhlsson (Sweden - Bass, Vocals)

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your musical past, current or upcoming projects? 

 Professional musician since 1983. Bassist and guitarist.

Played with very many artists and bands during the years as freelancer.
The last 10-15 I´ve been part of bands such as Treat, Last Autumn´s Dream, Randy Pipers Animal (ex W.A.S.P.) Brian Robertson Band (ex Thin Lizzy) and Zan Clan to name a few.
Since 2008 I´ve been a permanent member of the band Therion that has sold in excess of 1 million albums world wide. This forthcoming spring (2018) we will tour 4 months over the world.
Now in 2018 I´m (so far) part of 7 album releases. My recordings for bands and artists have drastically increased the last year. Besides the bass, also with recordings for rhythm guitar. 
Do you have a web site people can check out? (but it´s old and not updated for a long time.
A new one will come up in 2018.
How did you end up with the Fanfields project?
It was Michael Riesenbeck who announced about it on FaceBook, and since I´ve been a big fan of ToTo ever since the release of their first album I wrote to him and and said I wanted to join the project !

How did you experience the project?

 It was all great ! And I also found a new friend in Herman Furin from the band ”Work Of Art” who I recorded the songs with. Later on I also found a new friend in Robert Säll, also from ”Work Of Art” (and Fanfields 1) which led to that we now have recorded a full album with Steve Overland from the band FM. It will be a project album that will be released in the second half of 2018.


What does TOTO mean to you?

ToTo means a lot to me. Good performance and good songs ! Some of the guys in the band are my all-time favorite musicians. Especially Steve Lukather ! I´ve always admired good lead guitarists.

Do you have a message for the Fanfields fans?

Listen to Fanfields and get another and a new perspective of ToTo´s songs and discover more (or new) musicians !