Guus Willemse (Netherlands - Bass, Vocals)


Can you tell us a little about yourself, your musical past, current or upcoming projects? 

My name is Guus Willemse, Dutchman, bass- and guitarplayer, singer and composer. I’me making music since I was 6 years old (I’me almost 71 now). I played in over 30 professional bands, played and sung on about 50 albums and I’me still going strong!


Do you have a website people can check out? 

The most well known band i was in was called ‘Solution’. I played bass guitar and was singer of the band. Solution performed for 13 years (1970 – 1983) all over Europe and we made 7 albums and one live DVD (2006), check


How did you end up with the Fanfields project?

I saw on Facebook the announcement of Michael Riesenbeck and decided to join the international club of musicians to play Toto-songs.

How did you experience the project?

It was fantastic to play some of the beautiful songs of my favourite band together with for me till then unknown but great musicians. Also the way we did that: everyone played/sung his/her part(s) in their own home-studio, send the part(s) to the song-coordinator that mixed all tracks to the final song: the result was the Fanfields 2 CD(s)!


What does TOTO mean to you?

They’re, from the first moment in the 70ties I’d  laid my ears on them so to speak, up until now my absolute fav-band. I saw them more than 10 times and hope to go to their concert next year March.


Do you have a message for the Fanfields fans?

Keep well and enjoy Toto (and all albums Steve of course!).